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Create interactive and fun boards for all your parties and meetups. pulseboard is a fun way to engage people and create lasting memories at your important events.

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How does it works?

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Create and personalize your board

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Project your boards

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Your guests participate and send messages

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Export your messages and create your memory book

Bring fun
to your wedding!

Are you ready to make your special day even more memorable and interactive? Say goodbye to traditional wedding guestbooks and hello to a whole new level of wedding fun with our Interactive board!


your meetup experience

Ready to take your meetups to the next level? pulseboard will help you foster connections, share information, and make your meetups unforgettable!


Works anywhere
on any devices

Whether you want to project the board on a wall, a tv, a computer, or anything else really, we got you covered. Let your guests participate with any of their devices. Convenience and fun are the keys

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