What is pulseboard and how to use it

pulseboard is more than just a website; it's an innovative platform that revolutionizes the way you communicate and share information in real-time. Imagine a dynamic online board where you can display messages, updates, and vital information on any screen, whether it's a TV, projector, or any other type of display. pulseboard is designed to bring your messages to life and enhance engagement like never before.

example of event picture with projection board

Interactive Communication: pulseboard 's core feature lies in its interactive boards, which breathe life into your messages. Users can send messages in real-time, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for everyone involved.

Sticky Messages: Need to convey essential information? pulseboard's sticky messages feature lets you pin important details right on the board. Whether it's sharing the WiFi password for your meetup or scheduling events at a wedding (dinner time, cake-cutting, and more), pulseboard ensures that critical information is readily available.

Below is an example of a wedding board:

The flow

step 1


Create and personalize your board

step 1


Project your boards

step 1


Your guests participate and send messages

step 1



step 1


Export your messages and create your memory book

The display

The heart of pulseboard is the interactive display board itself. This dynamic element is designed to be showcased for everyone to see. Whether you're aiming to inform, engage, or entertain, the pulseboard display serves as your canvas for sharing information and creating memorable moments. Simply display your board webpage on anything big enough and have fun!

The form

Complementing the board is the pulseboard form—a simple, user-friendly webpage that can be easily shared with your guests. This form empowers your audience to participate in the conversation by posting messages, sharing pictures, and interacting with the board in real-time.

Engage Your Audience: pulseboard's form fosters engagement, allowing your guests to actively contribute to the experience. Whether they're sharing thoughts, memories, or images, the form enables them to be a part of the moment.

Seamless Sharing: Sharing the form is effortless, and it ensures that everyone can participate, even if they're not physically present. pulseboard bridges the gap between physical and virtual attendees, making it an inclusive tool for all occasions.

form sample picture

Example of your form webpages